My name is Isabelle
On December 3rd of 2012,  as I was going for my afternoon walk, I fell and my knee bone hit the asphalt and became injured to the degree that I was confined to a wheelchair.  I tried all the medical assistance that money can buy and medicines, but of no avail.
Indeed I refuged to the Lord and I began to beg him for my healing.  I started watching a variety of sermons that strengthened my faith to divine healing. 
One day, as usual I was begging God to heal me so that I could walk again.  I heard a voice:  “praise me”.  I knew it was God’s voice, but I was too miserable and depressed to utter any words of praise to him, in addition, I did not know how to praise.

So I started to read the book of Psalms, because I knew King David did praise God in the mildest of his troubles and God delivered him from them all.

Every day I read Psalms and worshiped him with songs for an hour daily. It was then that suddenly I was able to walk again without the assistance of my braces and wheel chair.
Praising him not only healed me physically but also brought emotional healing. In addition, it changed my attitude from being negative to becoming positive and I gained hope.

This story motivated me to develop a line of book marks with the quotes from Psalms 23, 91, 34, 37, I Corinthians 13 (God’s love) printed on them. 

In addition to a line of greeting cards with scripture on it. I have illustrated  all of the paintings on the book marks and greeting cards originally by hand using acrylic, and mixed media.

I am hoping to draw your interest to order these products. Looking forward to hear from you.
To order via email:                                                                         Order via phone:                                                       863 940 2136
                                                                                                            Greeting cards $ 3.99 each or 3 for $10                                                                                                                 Book marks $ 2.99 each,  2 for $ 5                     plus postage fee 

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